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MEMENTO October 2010

2010th 4th of October in 2010 dam of the Ajka Alumina barrier Company were fall down. The red mud flooded the surrounding villages: Kolontár, Devecser Somlóvásárhely got the most damage.

Hear the news of the disaster, many private companies and people thought that you want to help somehow to affected families.

The idea of the plaque was also born in the spirit of help. The target was to involve school children to say their thanks to those who helped in any way.

We asked Imre Schrammel Kossuth and Prima Primissima Prized artist, to design a plaque, which proper to commemorate of the terrible disaster, and kids also able to create and sign it with their own fingerprint or names as a trademark.


The plaques are made in several primary schools, during technique classes. This activity takes children's creativity. They get experience and knowledge about clay, ceramics, environmental protection, disaster and respect a valuable work of their hands, meanwhile talking about the importance of the support. Thus, not only involved in the project, which they can help, but they get close to craft community as well.


We would like to be involved 1000-1200 students and their teachers.


The project of the following persons have contributed: Presits Attila idea administrator (Prestige Porcelain Ltd.), Artist Imre Schrammel and Lajos Tóth (Interkerám Ltd., who supplied the raw material is available free of charge). Thank you for their help!

October, 2010, Herend



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